Welcome to sewhappyJane. I have moved my shop inventory to a new platform. Please visit www.sewhappyjane.com

My hand-dyed yarns are inspired by the world around me; tiny songbirds, majestic skies, sand and stone, and all things bright and beautiful. I hope they inspire you to infuse your creativity with beautiful color. 

I create sewhappyJane yarn in the back kitchen of my century old music teaching studio. I use only the finest, professional grade materials and dye in small batches of 2-4 skeins at a time. Each skein of yarn is unique and cannot ever be completely replicated. If you would like to create a project using more than 1-2 skeins please contact me for a custom listing so that I can dye your yarn in the same batch.  

I purposefully dye my yarn to avoid pooling, striping, and flashing. I still recommend alternating skeins for more even color distribution throughout your project.  I also recommend hand washing and air drying even super wash yarns to protect the color and life of your hand made treasures.